A Mountain Biker's Guide to Spiritual Growth
In Troubled Times


The new book your soul has been asking for.  A book for all who struggle along a less traveled way as well as those who desire to help others successfully negotiate such a passage. 

Life On the Narrow Path:


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About the Author: Clark R. Burbidge

​Clark was born and raised in the high mountain valleys of the Rockies.  He received a BS degree in finance from the University of Utah and an MBA degree from the University of Southern California. He spent 31 years working in investment banking, project finance, banking and more recently as Chief Financial Officer; a career that has taken him throughout the nation and world. He has been actively involved in community and church service including lay youth and adult ministry for over 40 years.

He continues to enjoy swimming, scuba diving, mountain/road biking, history, composing music and writing and anything in which his children are involved. He and his sweetheart currently make their home close to the high mountain trails and enjoy their blended family experience of 10 children and 5 grandchildren. It has been his long-term dream to put into writing several works that have been kicking around in his head for many years and he looks forward to the further adventures that will come along with this new endeavor.  

 Mountain biking has been one of the Author's passions over the past 25 years.  He  has ridden dozens of trails throughout the rockies, the west and the southwest but his favorite trail is the Mueller Park Trail which he enjoys on a weekly basis and has drawn upon to provide many of the illustrative true stories found in the Mountain Biker's Guide.

MUST READ Reviews of "Life on the Narrow Path":

"Clark Burbidge has skillfully drawn upon athletic analogies to illuminate vital spiritual principles.  The path he lays out for readers is as beautiful and pleasant as the mountain trails he describes."  (Henry J. Eyring, university trustee and administrator, corporate boardmember, venture capitalist and author)

"In his new book...Clark R. Burbidge uses facinating stories from his experiences as a mountain biker to teach principles of truth...the author shows how various rides on high mountain trails can be like parables for the challenges of life. The resulting work is an uplifting series of stories and thoughts leading the mind and heart to truths centered on Jesus...Whether the reader knows mountain biking or is more inclined to take lazy Saturday rides through town on his Schwinn, this volume will be uplifting to the heart and soul seeking solace from the world's challenges." 

(Mike Whitmer - Book Review, Deseret News)

"Clark Burbidge’s poignant observations in Life on the Narrow Path are both timely and powerful. Sometimes it takes a parable to really grasp important principles, and this book is chock full of great stories with well-crafted verbal imagery. Life on the Narrow Path is a new classic in the personal development genre." 

(N. Peterson- successful mother of a blended family, educator, actress and LifeVision Coach)

"It is a wonderful book.  Your ideas are profound and powerful, and you've presented them in a format that will appeal to many people, mountain biker or no.  I found a lot of things in this book that I would share with friends, family...in a heartbeat, which means it will make a perfect book for book clubs too" (K. Konzak-Editor, Cedar Fort Press)

"I very much enjoyed reading the pre-publication draft...I found that the descriptions of many of your 'biking experiences' offered profound insights regarding my...situation. This is certainly an auspicious start for a 'new' author - one that bodes well for your future endeavors."          (D. Detton-Attorney and experienced narrow path traveler)

" '...Satan knows that once he has taken from us 'everything' we once valued and cherished...and replaced it with 'nothing', that we will accept 'anything' he offers because it is 'something'...'  Wow, that is about as clear an explanation of Satan's workflow as I have ever encountered. Brilliant."  (A. Peterson-Film Director, Actor and Screen Writer)

Also take a look at the Author's home site to learn more and get a sneak preview of his future books - - www.clarkrburbidge.com and www.apieceofsilver.com.